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21 November 2010 @ 08:24 pm
Asylum 5 Report - Sunday  
Look, I’m sorry! I know I’m late – please forgive me for having a RL XD

And as always there’s stuff I’ve forgotten (my brain sucks) and I will just post it here and then go edit the Saturday report so it’s complete! Cause this one thing from the first coffee lounge was just too awesome, to leave it out ;)

Someone asked if he had any other movie projects in the near future and while he was thinking and everyone was silent I suggested ‘Eiffel tower Apocalypse :D?’. He then cracked up and at first nobody knew what was going on, until he explained that the Eiffel tower is sort of the little brother of the ‘Dirty Sanchez’ (if you don’t know what THAT is and you REALLY want to know… go and google it… but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!) and I was like ‘OKAY, WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW!! NEXT QUESTION PLS!!’ XDDDDDDDDD


Sunday came quicker than expected and so we started the day around 6 am, got ready and downstairs. MJ and I searched for good seats and waited for the Opening. Unfortunately Misha was late (so Doug said) and so we spent like 30 minutes waiting…

Mark Panel

When Mark’s Panel started, we were kind of confused and couldn’t really concentrate on the panel, as Misha’s 3rd Coffee Lounge was scheduled to be at the same time as Mark’s Panel. So we waited… and waited… but there was no announcement showed on the screens (as usual). So unfortunately my notes about Mark’s panel are VERY scarce, please forgive me!!

Mark constantly made fun about being or not being filming for a certain, British show (Dr Who) at the moment. Also he stated that he loves coming to conventions because he considers himself a fan, too and loves to interact with other fans.

Misha CL3
After listening to Mark halfheartedly for about 30 minutes, MJ and I finally decided to leave the panel room and ask a steward about Misha’s 3rd CL – you can imagine our faces, when she told us that the CL had already started like 20 minutes ago!!!! GOSH!!! We were SO pissed!! We tried to get in but a steward told us that it was already almost over and that we should trade our ticket for Misha’s last CL in the afternoon. Well… awesome, since I had bought a ticket for that one already -_- In the end, MJ and I managed to get a ticket for an extra autograph from Misha in exchange… but still… we were VERY disappointed ;_;

We were kind of depressed afterwards (MJ is so cute when she’s swearing XD Hearing words like ‘fuck’ and ‘son of a bitch’ out of her mouth is so weird XDDD) and leaned a little shiftless on a wall next to the CL room (*cough* totally not like creepy stalkers *cough*). Then suddenly Misha came out (wearing the most amazing black suit, blue shirt and a black tie) and instead of just walking past us he stopped and wished us a good morning and asked what we were up to. So MJ and I shortly told him that we missed his CL and he smiled sympathetically and winked at me (duh! I think he really thought I was stalking him ;-; ) before he headed to the autograph room XD We waited a couple more seconds (since we didn’t want him to think we were actually stalking him) and then followed him to queue in front of the autograph room. I had fetched my group photo in the morning and so I could finally get the other actors’ signatures.

Misha, Julie, Jake & Jason Autographs
When Misha still had been signing another girls’ stuff, I saw that he was using this weird greenish color so after the obligatory ‘Hey again XD’ I told him to please NOT use that ugly puke-y-color! He grinned and was like ‘Now more than ever!!’ XD He then signed with silver on the Group photo (he LOL’d at it and showed it to his PA). When I gave him the small photo of him I’m carrying around in my wallet, he looked at me a bit surprised (yes, people have asked me if this was my boyfriend and YES, I may have answered this question with ‘of course’ more than once) and then continued to joke about that ‘greenish’ color actually being ‘gold’ or something XD

I then suggested that he could write each letter with a different color – and he looked at me with his poker face, took the silver pen, wrote an M, took the green color, wrote isha etc. … XDDDD WHAT IS AIR, SRSLY!!!!

Afterwards I queued for Jake and Julie’s autograph and they both laughed their asses off at the sight of it! Julie apologized like 20 times for ruining Jason’s face but when she showed it to Jason, he was like “THIS IS THE BEST PIC OF ME EVER!!” His PA, who’s German and recognized me from Asylum Europe, then told me in German that this is REALLY the best pic of Jason, cause he would look exactly the same on every other photo! I agreed and then told Jason ‘Hey, your PA’s talking mean about you’ and left them grinning like a madman XD

Afterwards I went to the merchandise room and finally decided to buy a triple photo with Misha, Julie and Jake. Misha just looked too awesome in his neat suit and tie and I had gotten quite fond of Julie and Jake over the weekend.

Also Rogue had just finished printing some brand-new photos of all the guests in black’n’white. And – oh my fucking god – I was so lucky to get the ONLY colored one of Misha!! Okay, it was sliiiightly more expensive but it was worth it!! I even got him to sign it as well (BUT WITH THE PUKE-Y COLOR T_T He was like ‘Muahahaha, revengeeee~ XD’)!!

Mark & Aldis Panel
Next was Mark Sheppard and Aldis Hodge’s Panel so Alan (who had joined me in the meantime) and I decided to stay, while MJ got upstairs to rest a bit and Liz had a quick lunch (you people are so healthy… I didn’t eat anything else than breakfast and some Babybel’s all weekend XD).

Aldis said that he was somehow jealous of how saying the same sentence would sound so much better with Mark’s accent than his own. They then compared phrases like ‘Hello mate’ and ‘Let’s go to the park’ in Irish-British-English and American English <3

After the fourth-or-so question in a row for Mark, Aldis stood up and was like ‘I’m leaving!!’ XDDD

Mark said that he feels a bit weird, cause so many people at the photo ops told him, how he was so much smaller in real life XD He then told us a story of how Kim Manners (famous director, died in 2009) once said to him, that ‘Us small guys need to stick together’ – and Kim was still like half of Mark’s size XD

They were being asked, if there’s a person (an actor, another celebrity…) they were cheering for and Mark said that when he was speechless when he met Peter O’Toole!

At one point Aldis got compliments for his abs and he shortly lifted his shirt to show them to us (like a split-second XD) and then demanded that Mark should show his tattoos, which he did <3

I can’t remember, what the question was but somehow they started talking about Robin Hood and decided that Aldis is Robin and Mark is – of course – the Sheriff of Nottingham! And Aldis was like ‘You can be Robin Hood or you can be Robin, the Hood’ XD

Misha Photo Ops
After leaving the panel room, I queued for my additional two Misha Ops – and like totally freaked out again! Seriously, it’s getting embarrassing…….. anyway… Primary I had several other ideas but still didn’t really decide what I wanted to do – but in the end I changed my mind completely and chose the most awkward idea EVER!

Me: Hey Misha, this may sound a bit weird, but… can I kick your ass?
Misha: *pokerface* Sure U_U!!

For my second one I decided to let him do, whatever he wanted to – which is always tricky cause you cannot possibly KNOW what Misha Dmitri Tippens Krushnic is up to – and of course he kicked my ass in return!! XD And when I say ‘kicked’ I mean actually KICKED!! I mean, I was wearing my favourite leo-high heels but I didn’t touch his (nicefirmsexyhotAWESOME) butt – BUT HE TOTALLY KICKED MY NOT-SO-FINE ASS!!! I stumbled a bit forward and then turned around and looked at him with shock and surprise!

Me: …… you… kicked me O_O
Misha: Yup :D Told ya so!

I then left the room – once again laughing my (kicked-by-Misha-Collins) ass off XD

Aldis Panel
Next was Aldis’ single panel and it started off with a broken microphone on the right side XD So Aldis lef the stage and went to the girl who was standing at the microphone, put one arm around her and let her use his microphone XDDDD So from this moment on he travelled back and forth from one side to the other, hugging every single person who asked him a question, OMG XD It was so much fun!!!!

He was being asked, which show he would like to be on and he said (Attention, Nef!!!)SHERLOCK!!! (or Modern Family XD) Also he said it would rock if he could play the Riddler on Batman (sorry, Aldis, I love you but… I hope this part goes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!)

Someone said that Aldis was such a talented person and asked if there was anything he couldn’t do at all, like cooking for example – he looked a bit shocked and then stated that he can indeed cook! That’s when one girl from the audience shouted ‘MARRY ME!!’ across the room. Of course everybody cracked up and then Aldis told her, to come to the stage! He then got on his knees and started proposing to that girl (his mum ran to the first row and filmed the whole procedure, how cute is that??? <3<3<3<3)

In fact Aldis’ panel was like the most interactive one, cause next a girl told him that she actually hadn’t really a question, just her boyfriend was too shy to ask him for something. Aldis then told her boyfriend to get his ass up to the stage, where he soon revealed that he loved Aldis’ voice and wanted to ask him to make a voice message for his mobile mailbox!! And Aldis was so cool – HE DID IT!! He was like totally serious and nobody interrupted him while doing it! It was awesome!! I want Misha to do the same for me… (‘Let’s make out a little’ XD)

At one point somebody threw an inflatable pony on stage (it was Misha, as we learned later XD) and Aldis gave it as a present to someone.

Somebody told him that his abs kicked ass and that he really should show us some push-ups and soon everybody was like ‘YOU PROMIIIISED!!!’ XDDDD But Aldis didn’t want to do it alone so he asked for help from the audience – and Jen got up immediately (first row, you know?! XD) and she did push-ups with him!! Sadly she lost (she managed around 10 or so, about 9 more than I would have been able to do XD) and Aldis continued doing push-ups, like clapping in between and grinning at her XD

After Aldis’ panel there was a short lunch break in which I may or may not have eaten something… don’t expect me to remember, guys XD

Misha CL4

Then it was time for the fourth and final Coffee Lounge with Misha… and to be perfectly honest… I don’t really remember a thing valuable T_T I only know that Mr Krushnic joined us this time for the whole thing and that Misha got asked how many burgers he had to eat while shooting ‘My Bloody Valentine’… And seriously? I have heard that story like… a billion times already!! Maaaan, I just kept thinking ‘Stop wasting my time, I paid for this!!!’ but of course you can’t expect everybody to watch all the videos from every convention so some probably really didn’t know… anyway…

I didn’t get to ask any questions this time but at one point or another I talked a bit to him. For example, he was talking about something (can’t remember) and asked our group, if everybody knew what IT was. Everyone nodded but I honestly had never heard of that thing and so I was like ‘NO! Explain it to me!’ – but he just grinned at me and kept telling the story and I was like ‘Duh… whatever -_-‘

There is really only one thing worth mentioning about the CL… remember the concert of Jason Manns? The moment when Misha joined his dad on stage, singing with him? Well, Jen took a great photo, where Misha had put his head on his father’s shoulder, smiling and looking so fucking happy… and we got Wayne to print it out twice for us. So, MJ, Jen and I had told the steward that we wanted to give the pictures to Misha after the Coffee Lounge and she actually managed to convince Misha’s PA to give us five minutes. So we spurted over and gave him the photos – and for a moment he seemed dumbstruck. He looked like he wanted to ask, where the hell we had gotten this photo so fast but I guess he was kind of speechless. He looked at the inscription on the back (we thanked Mr Krushnic and Misha for performing for us) and back at us – and then he hugged Jen. And MJ. And me. And I dunno, it was kinda… long… at least I had the feeling it was fucking long, cause he squeezed me and… I DUNNO, KAY??? I just felt like I’m gonna die any minute and I was just so incredibly happy at that moment and NOT only because my idol hugged me. No, I was simply so unbelievably glad that he liked our present and that he was SPEECHLESS (I’ll repeat it to you: Misha Collins was S-P-E-E-C-H-L-E-S-S!!) Finally he thanked us and promised to give the photo to his dad and we said bye and exited the room, still shaking and hardly breathing.

Rest of Jake Panel

Of course we didn’t really care that we missed most of Jake’s panel but still we wanted to see the rest of it. So here’s the only two things I remember. At one point he said that his nickname would be ‘The Snake’ and only when the audience cracked up he noticed how… suggestive that sounded (I like the sound of it… ‘Jake, the snake’ XD)!! Also somebody mentioned that Aldis had hugged everyone on the microphone during his panel and so Jake did exactly the same XD And when the time was over and Doug came to the microphone on the left and everybody was like ‘ooooh, nooooo!!!’ – Jake left the stage to walk over to him and hug him, too <3

Angel Delight Photo Op
Next up was the triple photo with Misha, Julie and Jake, the so-called ‘Angel Delight’ photo. And since I had missed the chance to get my single photo with Julie on Saturday, that one was due, too. So MJ and I queued (she had bought 2 additional Misha photos) and I got my triple Op done, first (cause they wanted to do finish the triples and then the Misha singles, so that Misha could hurry back to the stage where his last single panel should happen in half an hour). When I got in they pulled me in the middle between Misha and Julie and I immediately felt home <3 Then I started telling them, what I had planned (ha-ha… planning-my-ass! Got the idea while standing in line…) – and realized that my explanation sucked ass! So I simply said ‘Let’s cheer for Jason, like Misha did yesterday!’ XDDD

In the end I am glad that I bought it cause it was so much fun to do and those three really look adorable on it! Me? Don’t like myself at all on it… but whatever ^^

Julie Photo Op
I then had to get outside and wait for the Julie single Ops to start. Meanwhile MJ got inside and got her Misha Ops done – and they really are AWESOME!! She just… just… TOOK MISHA ON HER BACK!! She’s like the tiniest, cutest thing you can imagine and just took that guy on her BACK!! Okay, she said that her legs hurt like hell for days after the con but it was SO worth it!! And Misha took her on his back in return <3 How awesome is this??

Finally I could queue again for Julie’s photo and I have to repeat how friggin cute that woman is! I have no idea why people can honestly ‘hate’ her! I mean, of course her character wouldn’t win a popularity-contest but that has nothing to do with Julie! She’s just the nicest, cutest, smallest girl and totally adorable!! So I went over to her and since she recognized me from the Meet & Greet, we shortly talked about it. And even though my only ‘plan’ for this photo was ‘doing something cute’ I decided to honor our conversation about cat-piss and this is the result of us, trying to look like kitties <3

And all of the sudden I felt this unbearable urge to protect her and I thanked her for being here, told her, that I loved her (okay, I know – epic embarrassment) and asked if I could hug her. She said ‘of course’ and seemed honestly surprised and happy and we hugged tight and I thanked her once again and said ‘bye’. Like I said… I know, it’s embarrassing and childish telling a total stranger that you ‘love’ her but… I dunno, I couldn’t help it at that moment.

Misha Panel
I waited for MJ and Viv and we went to the stage hall again. While Viv took care of our handbags, MJ and I queued in front of the microphone but the line was friggin long and I had the feeling that we wouldn’t manage to ask our questions.

Soon Misha entered the stage, still wearing this fucking awesome suit and tie. You have to forgive me for not being as accurate on this panel, but like I said: I was standing in line all the time and didn’t have a pen or a notepad or anything. Also I tried to not forget my question and how I would ask it… cause as you may have noticed… I’m German and even though I’m not bad at English I’m still far from perfect and this little uncertainty plus the terrible excitement of maybe having the chance to talk to your idol kind of freaked me out all over again.

I remember somebody asking what theme song he would choose for his life. He didn’t quite get it at the beginning and then started thinking aloud and deciding that what she meant was a Leitmotiv (it’s the German word for theme)… I have NO idea why he didn’t understand ‘theme song’ but had to use the German word for it XD But well, that’s Misha, right?! In the end he chose the ‘My little Pony’ theme song, although hearing the same song over and over again could become pretty unnerving. He also shortly told us that his character on ‘24’ had his own theme song called ‘Alexis’ (I know that song and it’s AWESOME!!! I’ve loved it even before I knew Misha XDDD)

Next someone asked about him being a dad now and at first I thought, he wouldn’t really answer it, cause he said that he doesn’t understand, why everybody’s so terrified of those nights when the babies wake up and you have no clue what’s wrong with them. He said it’s kind of fun, figuring out the reason for his crying, like it was some kind of puzzle. Finally he decided that West was like a Rubik’s cube for him XD And even though he added that funny comparison, he seemed serious and totally honest with us. He told us about this one time West had a fever and for the first time Misha had felt this overwhelming love and wanted to protect him but couldn’t. And this made him feel powerless and weak. I’m telling you, he was totally honest with us and I KNEW that it couldn’t stay like this for long – and of course next he told us about the ‘overwhelming amount of shit’ coming out of that little guy XD He told us all to buy a new mattress, if we would be living in a rented apartment like he and his wife do, cause the amount of bodily fluids inside would be disgusting.

‘You never know where that mattress comes from … it could be from a household like mine!’

There was a question about Sebastian Roché and his possible return to the show and Misha explained to everyone who didn’t know what they were talking about, that Sebastian plays the angel Balthazar who Cas loses his virginity to XDDDDD That lead him to say that Cas might as well be gay. I mean, he’s been a virgin for over 2000 years, so maybe he was just looking in the wrong places?? XD

Next someone asked about his night with the Queen (he had tweeted about that earlier) and then told him how Mark Sheppard had suggested that maybe Misha did confuse ‘The Queen’ with ‘A Queen’ and Misha was all like ‘Ooooh, this makes so much more sense now… THAT’S why she was standing on the side walk in the middle of the night and had stubble in the morning!!’

Then suddenly Misha’s phone rang and he had a hard time understanding the caller and tried to put the phone on speaker. So everybody was quiet and tried to listen and soon Misha asked a girl named ‘Victoria’ to the stage. Of course everybody was completely confused when she got on stage – and that’s when her boyfriend proposed to her over the phone!!! Misha then pulled a ring out of his pocket and gave it to her. Of course she began crying and said ‘Yes’ and the audience cheered for the couple! Then he hung up, handed her back her phone (XD) and the ring and told her, that her fiancé will repeat his proposal on a more private occasion.

All in all the panel was quite interactive, cause next Misha got a big tray with several bowls on it and started walking through the rows, handing them out to the audience! In fact the Hilton chefs did cook the turnips Misha had received the day before and I have to say… they looked like very old, very greasy French fries XD And didn’t taste all that good… but whatever!! I loved Misha for doing this (yeah, well I adore him either way XD)

Next Doug entered the stage and told Misha to draw a winner for a canvas of Jensen. The winner wasn’t present at that moment so her friend got on stage and in order to prove that she really knew the winner, Misha called the girl from her friend’s phone and spoke a message on her mailbox, telling her that she won a canvas of a gay porn actor XDDD

At one point he got asked something and Sofia (who was sitting in the first row turned to tell Corinna something and Misha was like ‘Ooooh, she seems to know! What were you saying, tell me!’ but Sofia kept pointing at Misha and tried to tell him thaaaaaat – Jake and Julie had invaded the stage in the meantime and brought their whole Coffee Lounge with them! Misha then apologized to Sofia: ‘Aww, you only wanted to warn me and I embarrass you in front of the whole fandom… sorry :D’ Then he dared the CL-people to cross the stage and tried tripping some of them up XD

Next there was a girl who had been on a Coffee Lounge with Misha before and started every sentence off by saying ‘Eemm’ and Misha kept making fun of her, like how this was obviously her safeword. And then she finally had a chance to ask her question which was ‘Do you have trouble understanding English people?’ which of course made Misha and everybody else crack up. The Eemm-girl then high fived her friend standing next to her and everybody cracked up again XDDDD Misha ended the fight by saying: ‘You won this round, touché!’

I’m afraid, that’s all I remember T_T Sorry, but as I said… my brain sucks and I was standing in line all the time so… yeah… due to the on-going interruptions by Doug, the proposal and the J²-CL MJ and I didn’t get to ask our questions… but whatever, we had a nice view and that’s all that counts, right ;)?

Jake & Julie Panel
Next was Jake and Julie’s panel and I sat down with Viv and even wrote down a few things.

They were being asked if they would like to participate in a Supernatural spin-off with Anna and Michael and they started to create a whole story for this. Michael would be out of the cage and then resurrect Anna and they would get along with each other again. The main plot of the show would revolve around the two angels destroying the world XD When asked how they would call it, Jake immediately decided ‘Michael.’ And damn, he was looking like totally proud of his idea XDDD Of course Julie was a bit confused and finally suggested ‘Annamichael’ XD

Someone asked what they were scared of and Jake said, that for him it was the Chihuahua of one of his aunts (if I remember correctly) and Julie said that she’s scared of fire.

Next they were being asked what their mascot animals would be and Jake said that it would be something like a giant rhino… (or something!? XD). Julie on the other hand chose fluffy white bunnies which made the audience ‘awwwww~’ and made me love her even more <3

MJ then asked if they would like to direct an episode (like Jensen did) and what they would make it about. And of course they once again brought up the idea of ‘Annamichael’ and said that they could even shoot the movie in the UK and we could all be in it! We could all cast as their army of white fluffy bunnies and giant rhinos and destroy the world together. And kill Sam and Dean XD

They were also being asked what their hate/favourite subjects were on high school and Julie said that she always sucked at Maths and loved Psychology. I can’t remember what Jake’s hate subject was but he said that he also liked Psychology.

Someone asked what nickname they would like to call Cas and they agreed on ‘Buttdick’ or ‘douchebag’ XDDDD

Also Jake got challenged to impersonate Dean and he did, so Julie did a pretty awesome impersonation of Cas (like… staring into the blue and doing nothing XD).

In the end someone asked them, what part on what show they liked the best and Jake said that this may sound fawning but he liked playing Adam on Supernatural. Julie agreed and said that she also liked playing Adam on Supernatural best XD

There was a short break afterwards and I went to the room where you could fetch your photos and got my kicking-ass-and-getting-ass-kicked-photos <3 Of course the Triple and the Julie Op was not ready yet so I returned to the main hall and MJ, Jen and I asked Doug, if there was a chance to talk to the actors after the Closing Ceremony. Cause not only we got Misha and his dad the pic of them together on stage, no! We printed out as well photos of all the cast on stage singing together during Jason’s concert! Doug said we should just wait at the side of the stage and so we did.

Also there had been a poll where you could suggest possible names for Asylum 7 (as the German convention had been renamed to Asylum Europe 2) and before the CC started Doug announced the winning name ‘The Unforgiven’… well, not my suggestion but whatever, right? ^^ The winner got a free ticket to said convention, though *sob* ;_; My suggestions were ‘The End’ and ‘Point of no return’… what do you think?

Closing Ceremony

Right after Doug announced the new name for Asylum 7 he finally got our guests back on stage. When he said Aldis’ name, though, Misha ran on stage and did some crazy, weird dance moves XD They then got microphones and Misha took over the moderation, thanking Wayne (who showed himself shortly) and then Doug. He was like ‘We love you, Doug’ and Jason put an arm around him and then Misha and everybody else joined them in one big group hug <3<3<3

Then Misha wanted to thank the stewards but he didn’t know how they’re called and Doug said ‘Staff.’ and Misha was like

‘Wow… ‘staff’ … way to insult them in the last minute XD’

And then Misha and Aldis were suddenly starting to chant ‘Fans, fans, fans, fans!!’ and of course we joined them and cheered for them and us <3 Last but not least Aldis wanted to persuade Jason to sing but he turned tables and told us how aaaawesome Aldis’ voice was and suddenly we were all cheering for Aldis and shouting ‘YOU PROMISED!!!’ (<- my favourite phrase EVER since that weekend!!) Of course he couldn’t refuse to do it anymore and he sang part of ‘His eye is on the sparrow’ and GOD was Jason right!! Aldis HAS a fantastic voice!! Everyone then thanked us again and we cheered for them as they left the stage. Unfortunately we didn’t get the chance to give the cast the photos we had prepared so Jen just kinda put the whole stack in Misha’s hands and told him to hand it out to everybody, which he did (we could look behind the curtain for a second)!

Afterwards we were – of course still totally hyped and happy but so friggin sad at the same time ;_; We headed over to a room next to the stage to check if our photos were ready but they told us to come back later so we went to the lounge and had some drinks (some of us something to eat). Not long after suddenly Mark Sheppard walked towards us and sat down on a couch right next to our table!! He was flying back to Cardiff (?!) in the evening so we figured he just waited at the hotel until it was time. Of course we tried to act normal and didn’t bother him but some fans couldn’t hold back and just joined him at his table!! God, I really HATE when people do that! I mean Mark had been fucking tired all day and he probably just wanted to sit there, have a drink and chat with the guy he came with. But suddenly around 4 girls were standing (!!) around his table and… yeah… I just thought it was kind of rude, just my opinion (and my friends thought so, too)…

Luckily I could make a photo with timey_wimey_kid at last <3

There was also a Pyjama Party happening this evening but we didn’t really want to go. Of course there were people who didn’t care all that much about being at a Hilton Hotel… there were several girls wearing pretty open-hearted nightgowns (e.g. the girls who where standing at Mark’s table -_-) and this one girl really took the cake! She did only wear panties!! FUCKING PANTIES!!! You could see half her ass hanging out!! And don’t misunderstand me guys – she had a nice butt, nothing against it! But honey… YOU’RE AT A HILTON HOTEL!!! Fuck, we were so embarrassed for her, running around, squeeing, shaking her ass! It was fucking awkward!!

Well… whatever… MJ, Jen, Alan, Liz, Kat and me stayed seated in the lounge, talked, shared our photo ops, took pictures and had a great time! Also Alan gave MJ, Kat and me a big-sized poster with different pictures from the Roman Holiday we experienced together at the Jus in Bello. God… this really almost made me cry! It’s so great, we’ve only known since April but we’re like close friends and… I dunno… I really, really loved spending time with all of you guys, it was a wonderful evening!!


Monday… well… there wasn’t much happening on Monday… after breakfast, MJ, Jen and I went to the reception to check out and then sat down in the lounge. My flight was around 6 pm so Jen and Alan were the first to leave us.

MJ and I spent the last few hours sitting there, looking at photos, tweeting and stuff and then took the free hotel shuttle to the train station. And… I dunno… the farewell to MJ was… kind of like the most heartbreaking I ever had… I don't remember the farewells in Rome or Bad Neuenahr being this awful, cause to be honest I was pretty annoyed with everybody after JIB and BN was just so... I dunno... nice and small, it didn't really feel that special (it sounds bad but I don't mean it like that)... I dunno how to explain it but it was just terrible! I didn’t want to let go of her and I didn’t want to leave her cause this means that we won’t see each other at least until April 2011 (IF I will go to JIB2)… I caught the shuttle to the airport and waved goodbye to MJ – and then started to cry. It was horrible, really… and this fucking sad music that played inside the shuttle… WTF!???? I felt like being in a movie, saying goodbye to my lover or something!! I’m really glad I stopped crying when I arrived at the airport…

I met Sofia and Corinna while waiting for boarding and we sat down at Burger King and watched the new episode of Supernatural together. We arrived in Frankfurt in time and I had to wait only 20 more minutes until my train arrived and when I got home, I was so fucking hyperactive, I couldn’t even THINK of sleep. So I put my cat on my lap, transferred the photos from the weekend to my laptop and started writing the Friday report… and eventually went to bed (around 3 am). Good thing I had a day off the next day <3

The Bottom Line

So… what can I say?! To be perfectly honest: this is always the hardest part because writing this means that it’s REALLY over – and I know, it’s been 3 weeks but for me a convention always ends with the last report I’m writing about it… but let’s get to the point, shall we?! Cause this? Was the


And I’m not kidding you or exaggerating here, guys – I mean it!! I’ve been to three conventions so far and every single one of them was awesome.

Rome was and always will be my first convention and has a special place in my heart. There are memories I don’t want to miss like the Roman Holiday, meeting Jensen, Jared, obviously Misha and the rest of the awesome cast. And I met so many people there, people I began to love and I had a wonderful time with.

Germany was the big reunion, both with friends and with guest stars. Misha and Traci and Jim were there and also new stars and we had an awesome time! Misha lifted me up (sorry but I GOT to mention it again) and I danced with Chad Lindberg <3

And then Asylum 5… I mean, you’ve read the reports so you should know why I enjoyed this time so much!! I’m so very curious how things will be after JIB2… I can’t imagine things getting even better but you never know… I’m excited and can’t wait to tell you guys all about it again!


I’m trying to mention as many people who made this weekend as awesome as it has been but please, please, PLEASE forgive me if I forgot about you!! It doesn’t mean you weren’t important, it just means that my brain SUCKS XD

Mijung, Jen, Alan, Viv, Liz, Becky, Jee, Paul, Konstancja, Sofia, Corinna, Kat, my favourite Filipino family (sorry, didn’t catch all your names ^^), Saliyah, Viola and everyone else I talked to and spent time with!

Brian, Doug, Wayne, Paul, Donna and all the countless stewards and PA’s for helping out wherever they could.

Misha Collins (and his lovely dad), Jake Abel, Julie McNiven, Aldis Hodge, Mark Sheppard, Fred Lehne and Jason Manns

Until then, my friends – take care and see you in the next convention report <3

Photo Credits:
- reveria
- camui_zuuki
- Jenny Duckworth
- Suffolk Booklover
- Screencaps from AOL Interview
- Kirsty Lucas
- Inaami
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jaredsamjaredsam on November 21st, 2010 09:03 pm (UTC)
Great pic and report
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Happycamui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:12 am (UTC)
Thank you very much :)))
Alex: Words Responsible Adultdragonlit on November 21st, 2010 09:27 pm (UTC)
This was such fun to read. I adore your ass-kicking photos. What a fun idea! Haha! Misha is so insane and I adore him. I'd love to be able to go to one of the Asylum conventions but alas, I'm on the wrong continent. :( But I did make it to the Vancouver and Chicago conventions this year and had such fun! So fantastic to read about other's people's enjoyment of these. Thank you!!
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Aaaawcamui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:13 am (UTC)
Haha, I'm glad you enjoyed those, they were so much fun to make XD
Rogue Con's are always very chaotic but also very funny, feels like family, you know? <3
Reveriareveria on November 21st, 2010 10:09 pm (UTC)
hab heut (endlich mal!!!) meinen koffer fertig ausgepackt... now it's really over :( I MISS THIS CON!!! IS IT MAY YET????
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Crazy Fangirlcamui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:16 am (UTC)
Haha, das hab ich diesmal schneller geschafft (1 Woche nach der Con, ist mein bisheriger Rekord O_O!!)

I MISS IT TOO!! And I really hope I can go to JIB T____T
Nichyevil_knitter on November 21st, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
Wow, what an excellent write up. Sounds like you had an AMAZING time. The more I hear about Misha, the more I just have to meet the man in person. I am totally heading out to a con this year. I've got to say... the Asylum ones always sound so much better than the ones here in the States. I wonder why.
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Flirtingcamui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you so much for your kind words! I really had the time of my life there!! So glad I went <3
And you really have to try to meet Misha at a convention soon - he's awesome!! I always feel so freakish when I say this but: I already miss him!!! Being in his company makes life so much more fun <3

And I guess Asylum cons are always quite chaotic but the staff feels like family and thus the convention feels like a family reunion :)
saralusaly on November 22nd, 2010 03:06 am (UTC)
I read your happy time, I found happiness too.
Thank you for sharing your good time :)
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Misha <3camui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:18 am (UTC)
Awww, so glad you're happy too, now <3
You're very welcome!!!
Lissieilovesn on November 22nd, 2010 05:59 am (UTC)

I'm so jealous that you get the best cons but i'm all kinds of happy for you

Thanks for sharing
Camui_Zuuki: Dean & Cas - Kisscamui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 07:19 am (UTC)
*hugs you*

I hope you can go to a convention soon, hon ;_;
And until then I'm sharing as much as I can with you <3
mj_on on November 22nd, 2010 08:38 am (UTC)

Awesome! Great report! Wish I go back....!! It was fantastic con.. And I'm dying to see you my dear... Did I told you? I shed tears when you left the airport.. Cant stop crying till took the train.. I promise If we could not meet in Rome, I'll go to German instead. So please take care until that and say hi to your lovely cat for me! *hugs and kisses*
And thank you for the wonderful report!! :DD
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Misha <3camui_zuuki on November 22nd, 2010 09:11 am (UTC)
I love you, hun T_T *hugs u tightly*
I wish we wouldn't live that far apart... miss u terribly ;_;
Hope we both can make it to Rome AND Germany!! And if you come to Germany, you'll stay at my place <3<3<3
nefertina: Sherlock - HOT MESSnefertina86 on November 23rd, 2010 12:24 pm (UTC)
What can I say?
Just a lovely report - like always!!! <3
I´m glad you´d such an awesome and trhilling time! <3 Thx for sharing! Keep the memory in your head and your heart and look forward the next round - cause you´ll ROCK IT, Babe!!! <3 xo

P.S. He HUGGED you?! OMG, that is soooooooooo WAAAAAHHH!!! *insert fangirly-moment here* I´m sure at this moment it was like a normal and lovely thing from a good friend - but after it... - just FREAKING OUT :D
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Crazy Fangirlcamui_zuuki on November 23rd, 2010 02:42 pm (UTC)
Aw, doesn't matter what you say, I love you for reading it/or parts of it <3 Did you see the part about Aldis wanting to be on Sherlock? I had to laugh so hard at that moment XD Was kinda embarassing...

And yes... HE HUGGED ME!! First Jen and MJ and I was like 'OMG he'll hug me any moment O_O!!!' and then he did and [Kitsch on] time stood still .... ;O; Such a wonderful moment...
nefertinanefertina86 on November 23rd, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
Of course, I mean, how I told you - I really, really like to read your reports, it´s really fun for me and I want to know what makes you happy <3

And YES!!! Of course, the Sherlock-thing XDDDD Thank you SO MUCH for mention it! This was just for me XD

I belive it... This is really... wow. You´ll never forget it :D
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Aaaawcamui_zuuki on November 24th, 2010 08:48 am (UTC)
Haha, I know and I love you for reading all that shit even though you're not a fan <3 *hugs* I really wish they would do Conventions for other fandoms (*cough* Sherlock *cough*) as well!!

btw... there will be a Glee Convention in June 2011... I would love to join but I don't wanna go alone (and I won't buy a ticket unless they announce some guests, u know? ^^)
alikat7: Lev S3 Hardison - arm pornalikat7 on November 25th, 2010 01:17 am (UTC)
FINALLY someone explains why Aldis proposed to someone and did push-ups lol I'm glad Aldis was so awesome (not surprised though). I wish someone had gotten it on film when he sang! I'd put that on his fanpage in a heartbeat

Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Disco Stickcamui_zuuki on November 25th, 2010 07:25 am (UTC)
Haha, you're welcome XD
I'm not sure, maybe if you look under 'Asylum 5 Closing Ceremony' you can find him singing?! I'm sure someone recorded it...
ladybrainladybrain on November 27th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
I just looked at your pics which were posted in dailymisha and they are so friggin adorable I could hardly contain my squee!

Thanks so much for sharing those pics and the pics and report in this post! Such generosity from fans like you make this fandom so great and fun to be a part of!

<3's for you!
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Flirtingcamui_zuuki on November 27th, 2010 08:32 am (UTC)
Hey there, glad you found your way over here <3
You're very welcome, I always like sharing my experiences with you guys :)