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06 November 2010 @ 08:19 pm
Asylum 5 Report - Saturday  
And on we go with a detailed report of Asylum 5's Saturday

Please note:

My photo ops are NOT sharable!!

If you want to use them for graphics or post them elsewhere PLEASE just fucking credit me!!
I paid a buttload of money for them and it fucking frustrates me finding them on tumblr and Co!!


After sleeping like a log (hell, those beds were comfy) I got up at 5 am and got dressed. MJ and Jen were kinda grumpy, asking me why the hell I would get up this early – but I wanted to have a relaxed breakfast (since breakfast is the only time you're really eating during conventions) and didn’t want to be too late for registration, because the first panel would begin around 9 am. I tried to sneak in to the bathroom and be quiet but in the middle of showering I heard the girls downright cheering and squeeing outside. Duh… why did I even bother to be quiet, bitches? XD

When MJ and Jen were ready we went downstairs for breakfast around 7 am. The queue (YES, THE BREAKFAST LOUNGE HAD A FUCKING QUEUE!!!) was freakin long but we managed to get breakfast at last.

MJ, Jen and I had one delicious breakfast all with scrambled eggs, fresh melons, dark bred – it was fucking perfect!! After getting some baby bell mini cheese (you know… lunch and dinner in one XD) we went to the registration desk and – surprise surprise – that line was not to be sniffed at either.

I had gotten the new episode of Supernatural that morning and brought my laptop with me, so we started watching 6x06 while waiting. Unfortunately there was a fucking noise on the corridor so we couldn’t really understand a word and had to give up soon. When we finally got inside the registration and merchandise room, things started to get really difficult. The allocation was a bit confusing (hello? Rogue XD) since there were three lines: one for the pre-ordered photo ops, one for the convention tickets and one for buying new photo ops, autograph and Coffee Lounge tickets. Of course MJ and I queued in the wrong line and only got our pre-ordered ops from Wayne, so we had to cue again for the ticket and the new ops. I was very lucky to get 2 additional photo ops with Misha and tickets for all of his four Coffee Lounges.

Opening Ceremony Saturday / All guests on stage
We then left the merchandise room in order to get to the stage hall, where soon the Opening Ceremony would take place. MJ and I searched for good seats while Jen got to the front row (she had booked preferred seating).
Of course we were running a bit late (hello? IT’S ROGUE XD) but then finally Doug Inmann, presenter and Master of Ceremonies entered the stage and after a short welcome he announced this weekend’s star guests:

Jason Manns, gifted singer and close friend of Jensen Ackles

Jake Abel, starring as Adam Milligan / Archangel Michael

Julie McNiven, starring as Anna Milton

Fredric Lehne, starring as the Yellow Eyed Demon / Azazel

and Aldis Hodge, starring as Jake Talley

Of course my heart skipped a beat or two, when Misha didn’t appear on the stage. Only a few days ago Richard Speight jr. had canceled his appearance for the convention due to filming a new movie… I’m telling you, I couldn’t breathe for a moment… the guests sat down and of course there was this awkward silence, as on every first panel of a convention.

Some people then got up to the microphones when suddenly a dark voice asked the actors, how it would feel, to have the chance to work with the fantastic Misha Collins! And to a barrage of applause my idol finally entered the stage! At first I was like… ‘seriously?’ Cause this… brown… leather jacket… thingy… IDK… I kinda get that Misha really must like it but I for one don’t think it’s particularly chic… well, whatever…

Misha Collins, starring as Castiel

They got asked several questions, e.g. about their most embarrassing moment that got caught on film, to which Aldis said, that that had happened just recently at another convention. Fans had asked him to dance and somehow he did promise to do it (without even knowing he did XDDD) and he kind of stumbled meanwhile and sprawled XD Of course then everyone was like ‘Do it agaaaaain!!!’ and ‘You promised!!!’ and he finally obeyed. He did some sort of crazy dance move and then sat down pouting XD

Then one girl asked them, if they have a bucket list and Misha started making jokes about that one, dark orange bucket he liked the most (XD), so the girl assumed that they didn’t actually know what she was talking about. The actors then told her, that they’ve all learned about what a bucket list was from the movie (Julie actually just saw the trailer, but still learned everything from that short clip XD). Fred said that he already did everything on his bucket list and that those lists sort-of change once you have kids. Jake was all like 'I didn't even think of something like that so far... great, now I'm depressed!' Misha then told us that he plans to learn how to fly with using only his arms one day. Also he wants to be black (YES, HE REALLY WENT THERE!!). Of course Aldis cracked up and immediately started demonstrating Misha how black people speak. Unfortunately Misha was kind of clumsy and the ‘Whazzuuup?’ Aldis tried to teach him came out more like a „What – is – up... people :D“. Fred then said that on Jason's bucket list should be that he wins a Grammy and of course the audience cheered for him!

Someone else asked Jake and Misha, which variation of their characters they would like the most: normal!Adam, ghoul!Adam (Misha actually understood ‘girl!Adam’ XD) or Michael!Adam AND normal!Cas, future!Cas or Jimmy. Jake went for Michael!Adam, cause he was a pretty interesting character to play and Misha chose normal!Cas, because even the normal version of this character would be everything but ordinary ;)

Suddenly something caught Misha’s attention and he got up from his chair, waving at someone next to the stage and shouting ‘Heeeeeey, Connor :D’! It was the baby of a member of the staff (the one we all saw on the train pics from the German con) and he went to buggy and said ‘Hi’ … sooooooooo cute <3

One girl then went to the microphone and started off by saying ‘One word: Karla.’
Of course neither the audience nor Misha were amused and he simply said ‘That’s not a question, that’s a word…’ For everybody who’s new to this fandom, Misha explained that Karla is a movie about the serial killer couple Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, who raped and killed several young girls, starting with Karla’s younger sister. Misha did state on several conventions before that he is not very fond of this movie and the character he played, cause acting as Paul Bernardo, he learned more about his own dark side which – of course – scared him. So… of course not everybody can know everything Misha ever said… but if you ask him about Karla… in my opinion you gotta be very careful and not just throw that word at him…

The panel went on with someone asking for the actor’s favourite Halloween costumes. Jason and Julie agreed that their hobo-costumes were pretty awesome and Misha told us a funny story about how his first Halloween costume ever had been a turtle… and that he had been miserable cause he was crawling on all fours with a giant cardboard box on his back (they only managed to trick-or-treat one house XD). Also he had once dressed in drag when he was about 16 years or so. Unfortunately some of his friends didn't recognize him and hit on him XD His former girlfriend (now his wife, Vicki) told him to please NEVER do that again XD
Fred said that he once had a speaker on his front porch to scare children off with that creepy voice of his XD

At one point Misha mentioned a naked twister club (WTFF?? XD) and said that the first rule was, that you should not talk about the club (Fight Club, much!? XD)

Eventually the panel was over and the guests left the stage.

Misha Coffee Lounge 1

This time they had quite big groups (sold 40 tickets per CL) and also the room was kind of compact. It wasn’t the same wonderful feeling I’d had at Asylum Europe, sitting outside and enjoying the sun in Misha’s orgy-circle XD

Misha joined us pretty soon and – of course – nobody had coffee so Jen and I got some tea at least. Misha then was asking around if he could bring somebody something and so Sofia ‘ordered’ a coffee, black with no sugar XD Once he had sat down again, people started giving him the turnips he had requested earlier on his twitter account. Someone else gave him an orange flower garland and another girl showed him a Random Acts t-shirt (he would get his own sample later).

He said that he chose this room for the Coffee Lounge because of the wicked pattern on the carpet (naked Twister anyone!? XD) and we asked if we could join, now that we've... well... 'talked about it' ;)

Since I had prepared myself and nobody was willing to ask the first question, I was the first to raise my voice. I asked him about the kind of music he was listening to while doing the charity walk (he interrupted me, emending that is wasn't a walk but a run actually and that I should ‘give him some credit’ XD) and he answered that he had been listening to audiobooks and speech podcasts such as The Moth Ball (http://www.themoth.org/podcast). I had to ask for the spelling of it, cause in Germany we have a very similar sounding abbreviation ‘MOF’ which means something like ‘Person without friends’ aka nerd XD

He was being asked what the air quotes he used in 6x03 were all about and during a conversation a little bit later he unintentionally used them again and didn't really get why we all started laughing at first XD

Someone asked if he had any other movie projects in the near future and while he was thinking and everyone was silent I suggested ‘Eiffel tower Apocalypse :D?’. He then cracked up and at first nobody knew what was going on, until he explained that the Eiffel tower is sort of the little brother of the ‘Dirty Sanchez’ (if you don’t know what THAT is and you REALLY want to know… go and google it… but don’t say I didn’t warn you!!) and I was like ‘OKAY, WE DON’T NEED TO KNOW!! NEXT QUESTION PLS!!’ XDDDDDDDDD

Also he revealed that at some point in Season 6 they will attempt to break the fourth wall, even more than back in 5x09 – The Real Ghostbusters (the convention episode)! The usual expression for this would be 'jumping the shark' – well, in this case it'd be pretty much triple somersaulting over said shark!

Someone asked him if Dean would still have Castiel's handprint on his shoulder cause during the dream-sex-scene with Lisa it wasn't there... I really dunno what he was trying to say with this but here's what he replied: he said that you don't normally have sex dreams starring your wife cause that's what you see and get on a daily basis anyway – in conclusion: Cas is Dean's wife :D

As a follow-up question he was being asked if his own hand had been used for the handprint and he was like

'They did use it but it was a painful procedure cause we needed to burn my hand pretty bad in order to leave such an impressing mark!'

We talked about other stuff as well but as usual my brain fucking sucks and I forgot half of it :(

When his PA showed up in the end, Misha started putting everything he got from the fans on her arms and finally folded the flower garland and put it on her head XDDD

When it was over I left the CL room and went to the bathroom, where the second weird thing happened to me. One girl was standing across the room, looking at me and suddenly she walked over to me and asked if I had been in Rome. I then recognized her as well – it was Viviana, whom I had met shortly at Jus in Bello in April.

We left the bathroom together and had a drink, while waiting for our ticket group (we were both group D) to be announced for the first Misha photo session.

Misha Photo Ops
Of course when we finally queued my knees went weak and breathing became VERY hard. It’s like this EVERY TIME!!! Once we got inside the photo studio, all the tension went away, though and I was just happy to finally see Misha. He had taken off the jacket (YESSS~) and started by saying ‘Hi again’ which – of course – caught me a little off guard… at first I thought I had misheard him but I think he actually recognized me for some reason…

I told him what I had planned (which was actually very difficult cause I had forgotten my BlackBerry with all the notes I took upstairs and my brain like TOTALLY sucks and I couldn’t remember what I wanted to do just until that very moment XD). First one was titled ‘strike a pose’ and I was like: ‘Let’s try a supermodel pose, okay? Just… strike a pose!’ and he did… he – fucking – did!! Can I just say how EFFING much I adore this picture?? I mean… I’m not the most confident person on this planet but I really think we both look awesome on this <3

Of course there was still the second pic and I had to contemplate what to do next… asking him for something crazy and spontaneous? Or going with the jumping pic (even though I was wearing my dress…) – I chose the latter and asked him to jump with me. So we did and like… totally failed XD Misha and I were laughing so hard at that moment, we needed a few seconds to calm down. Then we jumped again and the girl who took the photos was all like ‘Well, I can see your undies on the pic’ and Misha cracked up, shouted ‘Yayyy~’ and gave her a thumbs up! XDDDD I left the room on shaky legs and still laughing so hard XD

(You can't see them btw ;) )

Misha Panel
I went straight to the panel room afterwards (maybe with MJ, maybe with Viv, I’m sorry, I really don’t remember ;_; ) and sat down.
Sadly I don’t remember very much of the panel but here are some things Misha got asked about.

One girl wanted to know, what exactly a ‘multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent’ would be… unfortunately Misha didn’t know, he thought that Ben Edlund (the writer of 6x03 – The Third Man) just wanted to see Misha having a hard time saying as many ridiculous words in a row as possible XD

Another person asked him what Castiel’s 4 faces would look like (like Zachariah once told us that he had 4) and Misha impulsively made up that Castiel would have the face of a lamb, a monkey, a zebra and a cat – and occasionally the monkey and the cat would  fight inside his head (his inner monologue sounds a lot like 'meoooooooooooooow-uhuhuhuuhuaaahahaha') and THAT’S why Cas is looking so serious all the time – he's trying to ignore the quarrel inside his head XD I have absolutely NO idea how he managed to keep a straight face whilst talking so much rubbish XDDDD But I've NEVER in my life laughed so hard at one of the answers he gave – so... a big, heartfelt THANK YOU to whoever asked that question!!

Here's a vid of the question, starts around 4:00 min

He was then being asked about the most embarrassing thing that had happened while he was drunk. At first Misha told us about dancing on a billboard ('It's actually pretty easy getting up there!') and throwing down a pumpkin but then all of the sudden he was all like ‘Ooooh, I’m not going to tell you this…’ He gave in eventually, saying that he could trust us and that we wouldn’t post any of this anywhere online (*cough cough COUGH* XD)
He said that there's a thing called 'Santa Con' in LA and that one time he and around 300 other men got dressed as Santa and they stormed a mall in Pasadena.

‘Long story short – I found myself at Union station in LA having pissed myself.’

And then he was like 'I need to learn to apply my filter...'

Also he was asked if he, Jared and Jensen do hang out sometimes and he was like 'Yeah, sometimes I chill with my homies' and then continued by saying 'hear that Aldis? Getting blacker by the minute' XD

Then he was being asked who of both he liked better and he was like 'Well, they both have their advantages... when I want something getting fixed I ask Jensen over... but obviously I like Jared better!' He then imitated Jensen finding this statement on Youtube and repeated: 'But I do like Jared better!' In the end he confessed that he doesn't really like either of them XD He would prefer coming to set to work with someone like Mark Harmon (of NCIS).

The two sisters who had asked that question did ask him if he likes playing the role of Castiel as a follow-up question and he simply answered: 'Nah, not really!' and went straight to the next question XD

He said that he was so happy to finally having the chance to beat Jensen up, it's been a life-long dream of his – he only learned afterwards that you don't actually hit people on camera... (XD)

He was being asked where he would teleport himself if he had the ability to do so and he said he would teleport only a few inches back and forth on this stage every half of a second, just to see how many of us would leave the room, getting a seizure XD Other than that he would teleport on top of the Mount Everest and would then tell everybody that he had been to the top of Mount Everest – and wouldn't even be lying ;)

Misha then complained about all the Castiel questions and ('So you guys actually watch the show?!') I have to admit – this was one of the best panels I have witnessed so far because really – every single question was Supernatural related and everybody who’s ever been to a convention knows how rare that is!!

Next it was Corinna’s turn and she asked him, what instrument from heaven he would choose and gave him some examples. The trumpet of Jericho, which has the ability to tear walls down ('So you better have a supporting post or otherwise the ROOF will fall down XD') or the holy grail (can be used to heal) and Misha was all like ‘Oh yeah, that’d be a powerful weapon for war – healing things… we could use it to heal the collapsed walls XD’

There was a question about how they would deal with Jared's flatulences on set and Misha said they had those giant fans inside and there was kind of like a code word (which I don’t remember) but then everybody would flee the set XD

In the end a girl asked him if he could recite his line from the Season 5 Gag Reel ‘Confetti, it’s a parade!!’ and throw some confetti… duh… well, kinda the first awkward/strange question but Misha actually didn’t really know what she was talking about, as he hasn’t seen the Gag Reel so far XD So he got the people from the first rows to help him with the pronunciation and finally threw the (table-)confetti XD

See the video here

Misha Coffee Lounge 2
After Misha had left the stage, MJ and I went to the Coffee Lounge room four my second (her first) meet and greet. It was sold out this time as well and we got quite good seats, so that we could see him very well. There was another person asking him a question in the beginning and Misha then asked everyone where we were from. He took a look around the non-UK people and when he looked at me he was like ‘You can put your hand down, I know you’re not from the UK!’ O_O
I figured this would be the best moment to give him his presents…

(Please note: I didn’t even pull out the gummy bears at this moment!!)

Me: ‘Sooo… I brought you something…
Misha: ‘Gummy beeeeeeeears!!!’
Me: O_____________O … HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT??
Misha: Because you’re always bringing me gummy bears o_O

Seriously, at first I had NO idea, how he knew and that’s when it hit me – he really must remember me… oh… my… god… EPIC FANGIRL DEATH!!!!!!

I handed him a large pack of gummy bears from the best German manufacturer of jelly and another bag with hamburger shaped candy (this stuff)! I told him that since he hadn’t been very fond of hamburgers ever since filming 5x14 ‘My Bloody Valentine’ I figured I’d give him candy hamburgers XD He loved them and thanked me several times and then asked if he could share the candy with ‘his friends’ (aka us XD). Of course I didn’t mind and so we all ate some jelly. Like I said, even in between other questions he always made sure to look back at me and thank me for the jelly. He said those gummy bears were particularly delicious <3 I was so happy, especially since I had hesitated at first about driving into the city and getting those special gummy bears for him!!

Later someone asked him about what adventure meant to him and he said that he always liked bike trips. He told us about one trip he had made with his best friend (they were 19-ish). They had noticed how nice and hospitable everybody had been and how they had offered them food and a bed for the night. Once they had arrived at their destination point they had decided not to ride all the way back but they didn’t have any money for a bus or a train ticket, so they asked around if maybe some trucker could take them back to Massachusetts. One guy from a gas station actually said that he had an old car in his backyard that he wanted to get rid off anyway. So Misha and his friend carefully removed some mice nests from the engine of the car and took off without having any documents for that car. Thank god, the police didn’t see them XDDDD He continued telling us about how the car sounded like a machine gun and blew the smoke from the engine into the interior of the car. So they stopped at a hardware store, bought or lent a buzz saw – and removed the roof of the car XDDDD They continued driving whilst sitting on their duffels!!

I still have TEARS in my eyes, simply writing about this!! I can imagine this so fucking perfect XDD It’s Misha 100.000.000 %!!

Time went by so fast and the last Misha Coffee Lounge on that day ended, so MJ and I went back to the stage room to watch the rest of the next panel.

Jake & Julie Panel
Due to a little overlap of Misha’s CL we only saw half of it. I wasn’t sure about the combination at first but they were so very sweet together. Julie was being asked how she feels about Anna and she said, that she doesn’t think that Anna is an evil bitch. In order to play a character plausibly you had to put yourself into their place. Anna was just doing what she thought would be best. She also told us about the sex scene with Dean and said that Jensen was very gentle and tried to make her comfortable. The scene lasted over 5 hours and there were like 30 people watching (of course they were ALL necessary XD).

Jake was being asked if it was intentional that he was playing Adam more like Dean but it obviously wasn’t.

Someone else asked Julie, if she knows if Anna had wanted to kill only Sam because Mary had already been pregnant with Dean at that time but Julie thinks that this was not a conscious choice…

Lunch break & Interview with Serieasten.tv

After the panel had finished we were almost on time again (striiiiike!!) and had the chance to take a short lunch break. At some point Doug had announced that after the panel German fans could come to the front, where Viola, a girl from Serieasten.tv, would wait and interview us. So Viola, Jen, Denise (aka Salyiha Castiel) and I searched for a quiet room and Viola asked us a few questions about how we liked the convention so far and what our highlights were (will post the vid, once it's published ^^)

Next on was Fred’s panel and I really have to say – even though I really liked the yellow eyed demon, I’ve never really cared all that much for the actor himself. Of course this changed once he got on stage, because he really is very, very, charming and so funny!! I had heard that Fred started off his panels by singing every time and was very excited – but he didn’t do so this time : ( I didn’t get the reason for it but anyway… he got the tech guys to play ‘Highway to hell’ though and started getting off stage and dancing in the audience XDDD

Someone asked him about working together with Simon Baker (The Mentalist) and he was all like ‘He's cute, like a big child!’

Next question started with something like ‘So, deals with demons are being made by kissing them – did John have to kiss the YED?’ and Fred was like ‘Uhm… I dunno maybe he had to suck…’, obviously planning to end it with ‘blood’ – but of course the audience cracked up XDDDD

Another girl asked him about the show he would want to be in and suggested Glee and he was like ‘Okay, there's ONE show I would NEVER want to be on!’ XD

After Fred’s panel I went to the autograph room where the next problem already waited for me – I only wanted to get Misha's autograph on Saturday because I wanted everyone else signatures on the group photo, which would be taken on Saturday evening. So after a girl from the staff told me to get in line for Julie and Jake’s autograph I explained to her what I wanted to do. I’m not sure she understood or cared about my plan but I managed to make it clear to her and I was finally allowed to queue for Misha’s signature.

When it was my turn he welcomed me by saying ‘'Hey, it's you again :D’. I then gave him the report book I had made from Asylum Europe and he seemed very impressed. He shortly took a look at it and told me that it’s very cool. He then signed on the front of it and after I told him to draw something (the space on the front was very big) he… well… ‘drew’ some kind of ugly line under the title of the book XDDD THANKS MISHA!! I told him right away that this was ugly (XD) and he turned to the second page and signed in there as well and drew a heart next to his name… duh… XD

I then waited for MJ who still was queuing and as she got her autograph on the back of her iphone and her netbook, I took some sneaky paparazzi pictures of Julie and Misha (who was wearing a bowtie with the pattern of the American flag btw)!

(Sorry for the bad quality, will add the HQ ones the moment I got them from MJ - which will be approx. next Wednesday...)

I fetched my Misha photo ops after that and totally freaked out, cause I love both to death!!!! I mean… you can see Misha’s fucking BELLY on the jumping one!!

Aldis Panel

We missed half of the panel because MJ wanted Misha to sign her iPhone and it didn't work the first time so she got back and let him sign the iPhone slipcover. MJ, Viv and I met up and watched Aldis' panel. He was talking a bit about Leverage and how it – surprisingly – turned out being kinda epic to kill Sam XD Finally he got his mom on stage and we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to her.

MJ then went to take her photo with Jason and Viv went fetching her print of Misha.

Closing Ceremony Saturday / All guests on stage

Finally all the guests got on stage again and their second panel started. Since nobody really went to the microphone in the beginning, Jason suddenly pointed at someone in the audience and told Misha to interview HER then!!! Once she started talking I recognized that it was actually Jen he was talking to!! He asked her if this was her first convention and if not, how it compared to the others. She told him, that it was her second convention and that the weather had been better in Germany XD

Misha then told us that he once noticed how one of the papers they used for the entrances of the angels (you know, flying around and stuff) was a shredded bible! He told this in some interview and then got like 2 emails telling him to please NOT do this again cause it would damage the reputation of the show.

They were being asked what character they would like to be on the show (other than their own). Jason said IF he were on the show he would want to be the Trickster (yay), Aldis would want to be Sam cause he always comes back from the dead and Misha said he wants to be stunt demon 2 XDDDDD
Julie said that she thought young!Mary was pretty kick ass and Misha shouted

‘Yeah! That’d be my second choice – stunt demon 2 or young!Mary!!’

Jake said he wants to be a character called ‘Misha Collins’ and Fred stated that he already has the coolest part!!!

Another girl asked what kind of power they would really love to possess and I think it was Jake and Jason who said, that they would want to be able to fly. Misha would want the ability to get dressed without leaving bed (XDDD) and Fred wants the power to make people kind (aaaaaw~). Everyone cracked up after Aldis said that he would want to make people kind while flying XDDDDD

Next the Karla-girl went to the microphone again and she kind of apologized but in some kind of weird not really honest manner… I dunno… it was strange and somewhat embarrassing… Misha then told her, that he hates her

‘No… not really…..................... just kidding, I really hate you!’ XD

Someone asked where they would go for Christmas and Misha said he would be going on their annual reindeer hunt with his dad XD He then amused everyone by telling a story about how he and his grandpa set up a trap for Santa every year, using milk and cookies – in a bear trap XD

Misha was being asked about a story Samantha Ferris (Ellen) had told at another convention about Ellen and Cas doing shots and Cas wanting to have sex with Ellen. At first Misha was like ‘What's her name?’ and the audience answered ‘Ellen!’ and he shrugged his shoulders and shouted ‘Who cares???'
It turns out they did the scene as an improv and that Sam pulled down Misha’ pants at one point (dunno if that's true or if Misha just made it up... but then again... IT'S MISHA XDD when is that dude EVER serious?!)

Doug then came to the microphone and Misha was like

'Awww~… I love how everybody hates you - you're always bringing the bad news!'

and they fighted about who had to leave, the audience or the guests.
Finally Doug said 'Get out' and Aldis was pointing to his cheek and said '... tear!'

Group Photo Op
I left the stage hall quickly in order to get in line for the group photo. While waiting for the session to start I noticed an Asian (actually filipino) guy staring at me and I started feeling a little uncomfortable – until he came over and asked if I had been the girl cosplaying the human Impala in Rome. I talked a bit to him and his family and I recommended their son some animes I liked.

Then I got inside and after positioning myself in the middle of Misha and Julie (Misha said 'Hey, again' again XD) I told everybody what I wanted to do – but only Misha and Julie really listened and Misha suddenly shouted

‘ATTENTION, EVERYBODY!! Awkward family reunion!!’

And this is how it turned out (probably my favourite pic of the weekend <3<3<3<3):

Meet & Greet (You WANT to read this, trust me!! The BEST part of the whole weekend, never had this much fun!!)

(The official pics are not up yet but I will make a seperate post with all the good pics ^^)

After the group shot I met up with MJ and Jen and we got upstairs, changed our clothes and refreshed our make-up. Finally we went downstairs and joined a girl named Emma in the lounge who was also waiting for the Meet & Greet to start (and she shared her pizza with us <3).

We were so fucking excited before and just got inside and walked to the table on the other side of the room. We didn’t really notice the guests entering the room at first but then Jason joined our table.

There was an empty space right next to me and so I was so fucking lucky having ALL the guests right next to me ALL – THE – TIME!! I offered Jason a drink but then saw that he already had one. I asked him what he was having and he hesitated for a moment… then grinned at me… and answered ‘Apple-juice :DD’ … and I was like o_Ô and leant over to him, smelling his glass. Let’s just say… it might have been apple-juice… at some point very, veeeery long ago XD Jen then asked him how he was feeling cause at AE con he'd been a little sick but he replied that he was a lot better now.

I could see Misha sneaking up at our table next and he hugged Jason from behind and joined us (I have to keep repeating that – he was standing RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!). Jason then asked Misha if he wanted to ask Jen any more questions. Of course Jen was like ‘Noooo!! Why did you do that to me!!’ and Jason replied that she just looked like she needed to be interviewed XD

After Jason left, Jen told Misha that he ruined her financially with his charity run and that she had to borrow money from her dad to pay her dues and Misha was genuinely shocked and immediately pulled out his wallet and asked ‘How much do I owe you??’
Wow… that man… just WOW!!!

Another thing I noticed throughout the whole conversation – Misha kept looking at me! And this is not some kind of ‘oh-I-need-to-make-this-up-so-that-everybody-thinks-he’s-in-love-with-me’ or anything – no! He really did look at me all the time!! Our shoulders touched several times (and suddenly the ugly brown jacket wasn’t all that ugly anymore XD) and when he asked us questions or answered ours he looked at me almost the whole time… it was actually kind of creepy… I was very uncomfortable for most of the time XD

A girl then kind of interrupted the conversation by asking Misha if he would be filming next week because she won some kind of contest in the UK and the prize was a guest role on Supernatural.

Another girl asked if he knew about a web site that said ‘erectile dysfunction’ in the subject line – and had Jensen's picture all over!! I really dunno what this was about, didn’t get why she would ask something like that… but it was funny XD

At some point he stated that he's going to be on episode 12.

When his PA showed up and told him to proceed to the other tables, he looked back at us and at that time, Jen was leaning kind of against me – and kind of out of the blue Misha asked us, if we knew each other. Of course he kind of caught us off guard but then we squeed ‘YEEE~EES, we're friends’ and hugged each other tightly – but then MJ wanted to join the hug and bumped into us and we sort of swayed and bumped our heads and Misha laughed and said ‘Perfect finish!’ and left our table.

Next Aldis joined us and after a short conversation, the group over at Jake’s table started cheering and Aldis was like ‘Guys, we can do better than that’ and we started screaming as well and somehow some kind of screaming contest started XD
At one point Aldis left our table, stripped off his jacket and jumped on a chair at the side of the room – and that’s when Jake got on Jason's shoulders and I seriously couldn’t breathe anymore!!! MY – FUCKING – GOD!! I’ve NEVER had so fucking much fun!!!!!!

Not much later Misha started throwing the Halloween themed jelly from the tables at the group around Jake and Jason’s table and they started another battle with lots of casualties XDDD Then Misha held up a sign that said ‘Free Blowjobs’ and Jen chuckled and asked ‘Well, who's blowing who?’ and everyone cracked up.

Next the photographer came over and wanted to take a picture of us but he needed ages to find somebody to hold the flash and all this time I was standing right next to Aldis and hugging him (not that I mind, though XD). We had to blow kisses and make funny faces and everything, it was a fucking pa-rade XD

Jen then asked about his birthday and we found out that he's like 2 months younger than her (she feels like a cougar now XD). We also told him that we couldn't believe that his mom was really his mom, she looked more like his sister or something!

Julie & Jake
Next Julie joined our table and she was standing so far away from us at first. I guess she was somehow scared of the fans cause female characters are not that popular on Supernatural. But I made an effort to make her feel comfortable and started off by telling her that I really liked her hair and asked if it was her natural color, cause she’s having the same color on Desperate Housewives. She said that she doesn't really know what her natural color looks like, probably some kind of dark blonde/light brown (like myself). She also told us that she has had extensions for EVERY role and that every women on TV/movies uses extensions.

I really don’t know how it could come this far – but at some point  we started talking about cats and how they pee like everywhere they go and suddenly the whole conversation was like a meeting of specialists for cat piss XD

When Jake joined us for a short while he asked what we were talking about and we shouted ‘Cat piss!!’ simultaneously XD Julie then announced that she could easily publish a book with tips how to remove cat piss XDDD

Next to join our table was Fred and at first I felt really intimidated… I mean… he’s the ultimate evil on the show and… I dunno… it wasn’t as bad as with Mark Pellegrino at Asylum Europe but I was kinda scared of him… XD

He told us about a show he will be in (Big Love) and that he had to cancel Rome like a week before. He and his girlfriend/wife had already booked a trip after the convention and couldn't cancel the hotel room in time. He also told us about having a conversation with Kim Manners (who died few years ago) and how Kim (who’s been very, very short) was like ‘Us short ones have to stick together’ and Kim was still like half Fred's height XD But I guess in comparison with J² they both are really short.

Misha then suddenly left the room and changed his shirt into one a fan gave to him which said ‘I love Justin Bieber’ and was in a bright orange color!! OMFG WHY DOES THIS MAN LOOK SO FUCKING FABULOUS NO MATTER WHAT HE’S WEARING?!?!

Later Jake joined us and Jen asked him where he got his hat from and he said something like ‘Hat company’ and I totally understood ‘Cat company’ which of course made everyone crack up and Jake was like ‘Oh no, don't go there again!’

He then asked if we had any ideas how to make his stay any more fun and someone suggested dancing and he was like ‘No!’

I then suggested singing and that we should choose ‘Carry on my wayward son’ and on 3 we all started singing the song as loud as we could XDDDD

He then told us about his childhood and that he was a terrible son. His brothers once used him as a ramp and his father was so mad because he was wearing like his newest clothes and they were full of dirt afterwards. Jake also said he got good at hiding when his mom would wanna spank him – but in the end she would threaten him to wait until his dad got home and then Jake would stand in a corner, all terrified and quiet.

Suddenly Misha started throwing jelly in Jake's direction again and Jake got out of the crowd and positioned himself – and he actually caught the jelly with his mouth!!! Of course everybody was cheering and Misha then threw one to Aldis and he couldn't do it XDDD Next Misha and Aldis threw jelly over to Jake and Jen got hit by most of it XDDDDDDDD
Like I said – it was KIN-DER-FUCKING-GARDEN!!! But I’ve never had so much fun in my life!!!

Jake then copied Jared's moves and Dean's voice and then did both at the same time and I said that he could easily replace J². At some point Jake pretended to take off his shirt (cause it was too hot or something) and I was like ‘Nooo, don't do that to us!!’ XD

The whole event passed so fucking fast and when it was over we cheered and applauded and then left the room to queue for Jason’s concert.

Jason Manns Concert
We had heard from Fred before, that he might join the concert as a guest so of course we hoped, that maybe one or another guest would be there, too – you can imagine the looks on our faces, when we saw ALL of the guests, sitting on the table closest to the stage!! Well, anyway – MJ and I made our way to the front and sat down on the ground in like the second row in front of the stage! Of course we kept looking over our shoulders, checking Misha and the rest out. Brian began throwing bags of jelly to/at us (SERIOUSLY GUYS!! What’s it with all the jelly-throwing?!) and I started throwing back single gummy bears into Misha’s general direction… I think, I hit him once but I hid my face right after… dunno, if he saw me but then again – it’s Misha we’re talking about XD

Soon Jason entered the stage and attuned his guitar. He welcomed us and the other actors, stating that this was the first time, that every single guest star came to see him play. He then started his concert and even though I know all the songs already I enjoyed listening to him playing and singing… some people say that they tend to fall asleep when he plays – I don’t think so! Sure, the songs sound all very similar, they’re slow and easy to listen to. But I really love that and Jason’s voice is marvelous! Sadly he didn’t play the cover version of ‘Kiss’ (my personal favourite) but he contributed another new cover – Michael Jackson’s ‘The way you make me feel’, which I totally adore!! Of course everybody sang the second voice for him, it was just perfect <3

At one point Misha decided it would be a great idea a) throwing jelly at Jason while he was performing and b) mimicking the fangirls in the audience and he yelled ‘ILOVEYOUJASON’ with a high-pitched voice XD Of course everyone cracked up and so Misha kept doing it! In between every single fucking song he went all fangirl-y and even Jason was all like

‘It’s an honor playing for one… no… TWO beautiful women tonight!’
(meaning Julie McNiven and… of course… Misha XD)

Oddly enough Misha was kind of quiet after that XDDD

When Jason had finished another song he looked over to the guest table and asked Fred if he would like to join him on stage. And Fred obeyed, took over Jason’s guitar and played ‘Sympathy for the devil’ … lyrics sliiiiightly changed XD

And then it happened… I feel kinda reminded of that one moment at Jus in Bello, when Jason handed over his guitar to Jensen and Jensen sang ‘The Weight’ for us… just this time, Jason suddenly started shouting ‘Misha’s dad, Misha’s dad, MISHA’S DAD!!’ and of course we all copied him and then Misha FUCKING Collins’ dad entered the stage and started playing ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ by Bob Dylan for us!! He asked us to join him in the chorus and we sang together with him – and then Misha sneaked up to the stage and Jason came from behind, pushing a chair under Misha’s fine piece of ass and Misha and his dad and we all sang the chorus together!! It was truly magical, I’m not kidding you! And all I could think of was


Misha left the stage again and Mr Krushnic (cause that’s what Misha’s real last name is) played another Dylan song for us. Misha then got his iPhone from his table and sat down somewhere in the audience, recording his dad singing (OMFGSOCUTE!!!) and then shouted ‘ILOVEYOUDAD’ XD

Find the video here
You’ve been a bad, bad boy, Dougie – you knew we weren’t allowed to film, didn’t you?! XD

Soon Mr Krushnic stopped playing, put the guitar down and left the stage to a barrage of applause. Jason entered the stage again and played some more songs for us (always interrupted by the mandatory ‘ILOVEYOUJASON’ XD). Then he announced that this next song would be the last and everyone started shouting ‘Crazy Love’ and Jason smiled and obeyed. We all sang ‘Crazy Love’ together – and then the next wonderful thing happened.

Out of the corner of my eyes I could see person dressed in a bright orange ‘I love Justin Bieber’ shirt sneaking up to the stage and finally figured out that Misha, his dad and all the other actors were joining Jason on stage. They all leaned over the microphone and we sang the last chorus ALL together!!!!!! And again… I couldn’t fucking believe how incredibly lucky I am!!

I totally loved how Misha hugged Jason afterwards and once again screamed ‘LOVEYOUJASON!!!!!’ and Jason was all like

‘These are the BEST guests ever!!’

We slowly got up afterwards, still in quiet bliss. During a short pause Jen and I had found a photo Jen had taken where Misha’s head was lying on his dad’s shoulders and it was just so incredibly cute!!! So we decided to ask Wayne, if he could print it out for Misha and his dad. After we got his ok (we should just find him in the morning) we went over to the guest table and thanked Mr Krushnic for his performance!

Jason and Fred Autographs
Let me tell you this: the line for Jason’s autographs had NEVER been THIS fucking long XDDDDDD We started queuing (even though I wasn’t even sure, I wanted to buy a CD) and suddenly I remembered, that Fred would be leaving tonight so this was the last chance to get his autograph! But – surprise surprise – I was too lazy to run upstairs and get my autograph ticket so Jen (I love you) asked me for my room key and downright spurted upstairs XDDDD

Met Doug in the queue so we took a quick photo with him ;)

When it was my turn, Fred and I had a short chat, I got my autograph on my Ghost Tour ticket and then wished him a good flight and fun at his work. When MJ got her signature and Jen told Fred that MJ came all the way from Korea – he suddenly started talking Korean to her XDDD Something like ‘Hello, Korean girl’ which honestly impressed us! Then we queued for Jason’s autograph and I got his first album (only got Soul and his Live at Hotel Café CD so far) and his autograph in both the booklet of it and my Asylum Europe Report book.

After this wonderful, exciting, funny and oh-so-happy day we were pretty exhausted so MJ, Jen and I returned to our room. I started writing down notes from the Meet & Greet and the concert until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and fell asleep, happier than anybody can imagine.

Photo and Gif Credits:
- Jenna Hill
- reveria
- Suffolk Booklover
- Supernatural Seriously Awesome
- mj_on
- wingfrog
- Viola Take
- fersd
- mishaballins
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loveinadoorwayloveinadoorway on November 6th, 2010 07:56 pm (UTC)
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You're very welcome, hun <3
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Haha, IKR?? I had this idea for ages and what they made out of it... just... WIN!!!
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you had some of the best photos ever.... and the gummybear stories *laughs*

just so much awesomeness. did you add the gold frame around them digitaly?

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Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Happycamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 05:40 pm (UTC)
Aw, thank you! I'm pretty satisfied myself... there's only one photo I don't really like but that's only because I think I look stupid on it... (will be in the Sunday report)...

Haha, yes I added the golden frame, thought it looks better like this <3
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Thank you so much, you're welcome <3
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Omg Awesome awesome awesome... I'M kinda jelous right now :) that's just soooooooooooo great :-) Thanks for sharing your experiences and your pictures with "the world" :-) That's just great :)
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Awww, don't be jealous :( Just look at all the Misha goodness and be happy <3
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man, I miss that weekend!
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Mehcamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 10:52 am (UTC)
Me too, hun... me too ;_;
Last Sunday we were standing in line for photo ops and having fun together... FUCK MY LIFE T___T
weighty_ghostweighty_ghost on November 7th, 2010 02:43 am (UTC)
Best report ever. Amazing pictures. A+ commentary. Love it all.
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Proudcamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 10:53 am (UTC)
Wow, thank you so much O_O!!!
I'm glad you liked everything <3
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Oh wow! What a great report! Thanks for sharing! :-)
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Uhm... how the hell did you notice that?? XDDD
No, srsly... my brain really sucks so I tend to write stuff down immediately b/c there was so much wonderful stuff happening and it'd be a shame to forget any of it ^^
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Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Yaycamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 10:55 am (UTC)
Awww, don't mention it! I had fun writing all this down (it makes me believe I'm still experiencing it... fuck my RL XD)
nefertinanefertina86 on November 7th, 2010 12:12 pm (UTC)
YEAH, great report, I was waiting for this all the time :D :D :D It´s so much fun to read it, even if I don´t know the actors! But it´sy so lovely to see how much fun you (and your girls!) had! I love the pictures and we talked about that - he WILL recognise ou :D The gummibear-story is amazing!!! And I adore your little comic stripes :D Hug girl and YES for such an amazing time like this!!! <3 I´m so happy for you!!!
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Crazy Fangirlcamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 05:41 pm (UTC)

Thanks, sweetie!!!

Glad you like the report and the comics XD
It was just the best time ever... can't really believe he actually remembered me... DAMN XD
lolli_baka: flirty!Caslolli_baka on November 7th, 2010 02:59 pm (UTC)
Another awesome report from you. <3333
Loved reading it and OMG it's so freaking cool that he remembered you. *___*
Haha you caught him with Gummy Bears XD Great idea!!
But the I love JB T-Shirt cracked me up as well. *lol*
Your photo ops are lovely as usual. ^__^ I like your funny posing ideas. :D
And I'm not sure if I had told you before but I think it's so great that even though you are such a big Misha Collins fan you never completely neglect the other actors, also the female ones. <3

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful con moments! Looking forward to the next one. *g*
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - A Kitten is borncamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 05:43 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your kind words <3<3<3
Glad you liked the report and my photos!
I don't think you told me before but I'm glad you think so! I mean, of course Misha is the number 1 for me and will always be the main reason I am going to conventions - but there really is NO single guest I didn't like so far and I always try to watch as many panels as I can! So you can look forward to reading about more non-Misha stuff :)))
YWyellowwolf5 on November 7th, 2010 06:18 pm (UTC)
awesome report! I run Jake Abel Online . Would you mind if I used to Jake bits for the Asylum 5 page we have? Credit to you of course.
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Aaaawcamui_zuuki on November 7th, 2010 06:28 pm (UTC)
Hey there, glad you like it :)))
You mean the text? Sure, you can use it if you credit me ^^
risenshine22risenshine22 on November 7th, 2010 07:35 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for your wonderful, detailled and long report. Wish I could have been there with you. I gave Misha some Haribo bears in Vancouver and said something about being from Germany, wasn't sure if I should have mentioned your name but I think he got it that I did it because you couldn't be there.
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - Aaaawcamui_zuuki on November 8th, 2010 09:55 am (UTC)
Awwww, you really did?? ;_;
That's so cute of you... hope he got it... I mean... I don't want him to think I'm some kind of stalker I just think it's nice he gets the same thing from me everytime <3
risenshine22risenshine22 on November 8th, 2010 12:51 pm (UTC)
When I gave it to him he looked at me and said that he really likes those. I don't think he said it to be just polite but really meant it. And as long as you don't send him a package to Vancouver or to his home every week you're not a stalker, don't worry ;)
Camui_Zuuki: Castiel - A Kitten is borncamui_zuuki on November 8th, 2010 01:50 pm (UTC)
*happy daaaaaaaaaance~*

I still can't quite believe he remembered me... *diez*
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